21 Days-Day #2-Using LinkedIn

Ok.  So it is Day #2 of my personal challenge to blog for 21 days straight.  If you’re wondering why, you can find out here.  And as for my challenge to you, I’ve had one person take me up on the offer.  I’m thankful for that person, but I want to help more.  If you’re reading this post and you still want to jump in on the 21 Day Challenge, then you still can.  Now for the actual post. 🙂

Over on Guy Kawasaki’s blog, he talks about using the professional networking site, LinkedIn, to find a job.  Great post and he makes some great points on how to make contacts to find a new job.

Over the last few months, I’ve had numerous conversations about LinkedIn and its many uses.  I’m currently evangelizing the value of it to just about anyone who will listen.  Most seem to be intrigued.  I’ve had some people connect with me on the site and then send me a message and say, “I’m on here, but don’t know what to do now”.

Well, fortunately, they’re on the right path.  They’ve connected with someone on the site that they know.  BUILD YOUR NETWORK FROM THERE!!  When you connect with someone on LinkedIn, you can view their connections.  If you know someone that they’re connected to, you can request those people to become your connections as well.  Pretty easy stuff, huh?  And you build your network from there.

But let’s say that there is someone your friend is connected to that you’d like to know, but have no connection with.  You can request that your friend introduce you to that person on LinkedIn.  How cool is that?  And features like this are just the tip of the iceberg.

One more tip. Put your LinkedIn address on your business card.  If you’re actively engaging people on the site and use it regularly, get it on there fast.  You may need to explain the benefits of the site to your employer, as I’ve done a few times, but usually, they’ll see the benefit.  Online social networking is not going away anytime soon.

Now, LinkedIn has been great for me.  I’ve been able to connect with and stay in touch with people that I, otherwise, would not have had the opportunity to do so.  I connected with one of the presenters from a conference I attended last week.  I’ve been able to continue to have a dialogue with him about his presentation long after the conference was finished.  Without LinkedIn, I don’t have the opportunity to do that, more than likely.

If you want to see what a LinkedIn site looks like, here’s mine.  If you’re a connection of mine, you can actually see a little more info.  If you’re a member of  the site, I’d enjoy hearing from you and connecting on the site.  If you haven’t joined LinkedIn, do it today!  And then send me a connection request. 🙂

Have a great day!


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