21 Days-Day #3-Give back

A few months ago, our son celebrated his 4th birthday.  At one point, he said he wanted a Diego birthday party.  He loves Diego and it just made sense.  So, Diego it is!

About a month before his birthday, my wife told me that our son said he wanted a “food pantry” birthday party.  Huh?  How do you have a food pantry birthday party?  I asked and he explained.  Once a month, our family would go to one of our church’s sites which houses one of the food pantry outlets.  Our son enjoys stocking the lower shelves with canned juice.  Since he works at the food pantry, he wanted everyone to bring him a “small” gift and 4 food items, because he was turning 4.  Wow.  As a daddy, I was both stunned and proud, all at the same time.

We’ve tried to model giving back to our community and loving those around us in different ways.  I’m just amazed that he picked up on it so quickly and was willing to make his birthday party an event where people could help others.

So, here’s my question for you today: how are you, or your company, actively seeking to give back to your community?  How are you engaging those around  you and addressing the needs that surrounds you?  How are you supporting the community that supports you?

I’ve recently made a job change and am actively trying to figure out ways to have our team give back to our community.  I did it in my previous job and plan to do so in this one as well.

grants-1st-day-of-school-and-birthday-party-026As for my son’s party, it was great.  Some friends made and donated food-oriented cakes.  I’ve attached pictures of both to show you the great job that they did.  The Campbell’s soup can cake weighed a ton!


In the end, we ended up collecting 68 items of food for the food pantry.  Our son was happy and my wife and I were extremely proud of our son.


As you go out today, find ways to serve and give back to those aroud you!


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