21 Days-Day #4-Always teaching

Are you a teacher?  My guess is that many of you, on the surface, would say “no”.  Maybe you are an attorney, pastor, manager, president, or you’ve just started your career in an entry level position.  You definitely fit in the mix somewhere.  You might say that teaching is not your profession.  Which might be true, however, I have learned that you are always in a position to teach.

Whether you are aware of it or not, people are always looking.  Always observing to see how you will react and act upon the next challenge that you face.  Some onlookers are merely watching to test your fortitude.  Others are watching and LEARNING from how you handle the challenges you face.  Do you handle challenges with grace?  Do you utilize your emotional intelligence?

My point merely is this, you are always teaching, especially if you are leading.  People are wanting to learn how to better handle situations that they may face, and they may just look to you for that guidance.  Myquestion to you is this-what lesson are you teaching?  You can either teach someone the correct way to do something of the wrong way to do something.  Harsh words I know.  In other words, you can either learn from someone’s positive experience or learn what not to do from someone.  In my personal experiences, I’ve had a mixture of both.  I’ve learned from others’ successes, but also from others failures.  I’ve learned what TO DO and what NOT TO DO.  I’ve also probably taught lessons in both arenas of successes and failures, but I’m learning.

As you set out on your day today, try to be aware of how you are portraying yourself and what lessons you are teaching to others.

Make it a great day!


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