21 Days-Day #5-Dedicated to your craft

Have you ever encountered someone that was really good at what they did?  I mean, REALLY good?  When I meet someone like this, I always find it to be quite refreshing.

This week, I’ve actually encountered  a few folks like this.  One is a good friend. We were having an issue with one of our cars and I needed to have him take a look at it and see what the issue was.  He actually knew what the problem was before he even looked at it, just be listening to the car.  But, he still had me pull the car onto the lift and meticulously inspected the car to make sure that his original prognosis was correct.  And it was.  He also checked a few other things while the car was in the air.  As I watched him work, I noticed how he knew where to look and exactly what to look for.  What to listen for.  He wasn’t merely going through the motions.  He was legitimately engaged in what he was doing.  I also knew that he was looking out for the best interests of my family.

The other group is actually a team of people.  The healthcare professionals at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, OH were great.  We had to take our first official trip there earlier this week to have our daughter checked out.  Healthcare, by it’s own nature, can be somewhat invasive.  However, I noticed that at Children’s Hospital they have really tried to think through the process of treating children effectively while, at the same time, taking the “scary” feeling away from a visit to the hospital.

It’s people like these that I have mentioned that set companies and organizations apart.  They are the difference makers.  How many difference makers do you have on your team?  How fast can you add some if you needed to?

Have a great day!


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