21 Days-Day #6-And this year’s Newark Idol is…

idol-logoOK, so I’ve got your attention.  You’re probably thinking, “Wait, that’s supposed to say American Idol, not Newark Idol”.  You would be correct, but let me explain.

If you’re one of the millions of American households that tune into the wildly popular singing competition, you’re tuning in every week to watch a new group of music hopefuls perform and then be judged by Randy (Jackson), Paula (Abdul), Kara (DioGuardi) and Simon (Cowell).  The winner of the competition is chosen by the viewers at home.

In many ways, pursuing your academic studies is much like pursuing the dream of being the American Idol.  Just like the contestants on the show, you’re looking for a few things out of this experience.  You’re probably looking for an improved status in life (social and/or financial), the opportunity to do something for a living that you’ve always wanted to do, and the feeling of accomplishment.

Improving your status in life is part of the human venture.  The process of making sacrifices to achieve your dreams is common and many times necessary to move up.  One reason that you are pursuing or considering pursuing your degree might be to be able to better provide your family or to earn a promotion at work.

The opportunity to do something that you really enjoy for a living is a blessing that escapes many today.  Many of the contestants on American Idol have been singing for years for their local communities or family members.  Singing and performing is what drives and motivates them to do the best they can every time they take the stage.  My guess would be that this also might be a reason why you are pursuing your degree.  You’ve been in your chosen field for a while and you need that degree to move into the elusive management or professional position.  Or maybe you have a passion for showing others how to read, add or teach others about history.  The love for what you do to earn a living drives you to give your best performance every time out.

Or for you, maybe it’s just about accomplishing something.  You’ve set a goal in mind and you are determined to reach that goal.  The goal for the American Idol contestants is to be able to walk onto a stage and perform in front of family, friends and fans.  Your goal is to walk across a stage and receive your diploma in front of family and friends.

As for Randy, Paula and Simon-they are represented by your professors.  Those professionals who have been down the path you want to go on that will critique you to perfection.  (Aren’t you glad that Simon isn’t a faculty member?)

Have a great day!


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