Breaking news on……Twitter?

I posted a link to a story similar to this when the United Airways Flight landed in the Hudson River not too long ago.  The first picture that the world saw of the plane floating on the water, up close, was posted to a guy’s Twitter site from his IPhone.  As we all know, history tends to repeat itself.

Yesterday, a plane crashed near Amsterdam’s Schipol airport.  The first pictures from the site were seen on…any guesses?  Twitter.  Again.  If you read the this article, you’ll notice that CNN clearly states that Twitter stole the show again.  The Twitter user posted the pictures to their Twitter site, CNN called the Dutch officials to make sure the crash had happened, then started to report the story.

Now, through the use of technology, individuals are not only alerting media to stories to follow, but providing content that can be used for the stories!  What an amazing shift.  I’m willing to “go out on a limb” and say that it won’t be too long before someone captures a decent quality video that will be replayed again and again from someone’s cell phone or IPhone.  Give it time, it’s coming.  Be ready.


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