A Daddy Moment

I realize that the majority of the postings on this blog are tech related, but I had to share this moment from this weekend.

Saturday was a pretty nice day where we live.  I was in our backyard playing with our kids.  They are busy digging up the garden box (nothing is planted yet) and “cultivating” the box for planting our vegetables for this year.  As usual, our daughter got dirt on her hands faster than our son, so she went inside to get washed up for dinner.

dsc03140This left me outside with our son. Ahh, some daddy and son time.  While we were playing, he said he wanted me to set him up in one of our trees in our backyard.  I picked him up and placed him in a part of the tree that forms a “V”, so he could easily sit in that part of the tree.  I stayed close so if he did lose his footing, I could catch him.  He liked being in the tree and the fact that I could lift him up there, because I was the “biggest and strongest”.  His words, not mine.  We spent the next few minutes together with him jumping into my arms so I could catch him.  He was having a blast!


Next, he decided he wanted to swing.  We have a swing that is hooked to this same tree.  So he sat on the swing and I started to push him back and forth on the swing, and then he looked back at me and said it, “OK, dad, you can let go.  I can kick my legs.”  I let go of the rope on the swing and watched my son kick his legs to go back and forth on the swing.  I was proud of my son because he was swinging with his own momentum.  But, at the same time, it made me realize that this would be the first of many, “OK, dad, you can let go” moments.  When he learns to ride his bike, goes to school, drives, etc.  It all kind of flashed in front of me.  While teaching our children independence and self sufficiency is part of being a parent, it was kind of an eye opener for me.  My little boy is growing up.

So, what’s the moral of this story?  There’s a few.  1) Your kids grow up way to fast.  They seem to be growing up faster now than ever before.  2) Make sure that when you do have those “you can let go now” moments, that you’ve given your child every chance to succeed and make the right choices so that once you do “let go”, they can accomplish their own achievements.  3) Love’em and tell them that everyday.

Have a great day!


1 Response to “A Daddy Moment”

  1. 1 Amynda
    April 10, 2009 at 8:09 am

    I like this blog for many reasons. I think one of the main reasons why I like it is because you are being cognizant of how fleeting time is. I think one of the saddest things to hear is parents say that they never appreciated time with their children. Sounds to me like you are taking these moments and not only cherishing them, but committing them to your spirit.

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