Why do I want to be using social media?

42-15872094Psst.  Hey.  You.  Yeah, you!  Come here.  What if I told you about about a place where you could connect with your customers better?  Would you be interested?

What if I could tell you that your customers would probably be at this place, at least, daily, if not more?

What if I told you that your customers are looking to interact with those that they encounter at this place?  If you’re lucky, you might even get them to talk about your product or service and find out what they’re really thinking about you.

Still interested?  Good.

Now, what I if I told you that, in terms of cost, getting into this place is free?  Still interested?  Good.  Then, read on.  If you’re not interested, then feel free to jump to another web page.

For those with me, read on!

The more that I talk to various people about social media, the more I get this question in some form: Why do I want to be doing this?  Why do I want a Facebook or MySpace page?  We already have a website.  And what’s this Twitter thing?  And why am I tweeting like a bird on this Twitter thing?  What can I do with it? And, how do I get LinkedIn?

I’m glad you asked.  These are some of the questions that I’m going to try to address over time at this blog.  I’ve given some of the reasons above: better interaction with your customers, personalizing your company and brand, finding out what your customers really think about you, more interactive than your company’s website, etc.  There are a myriad of benefits and this is just the beginning.  I’ll attempt to cover these benefits for you here.  And, oh, by the way, if you have any questions along the way, feel free to ask or comment.  See, interaction is key for any social media forum.  This blog is one. 🙂

Let me clarify one point: in relation to cost, being on these sites is FREE.  However, if you’re interested in advertising on these sites, that does come at a cost.  You also have to take into account how much time you want to spend on these sites.  Just something to think about.  These sites can’t be just another website for your company.  They have to be interactive and alive.  A “static” social media site is an oxymoron.  Or it should be.

skittlesSo, how are companies using social media already?  Great question.  Let me give you, probably, the most extreme example of social media usage.  Remember Skittles, the “rainbow of flavor”?  Sure you do.  Check out their newest website.  They’ve farmed out about 90%+ of their official website to social media sites.  A little extreme, yes.  But we’ll see what happens.  At one point, there was a link to their “old website“, but I can’t find it now.  I had to Google the old site to find a link to it.  There’s a great article looking at this move here.  I believe that this experiment will, in relation to corporate social media, be the Wright Brothers first flight or the Titanic.  So far, it looks like it might be closer to the Wright Brothers flight.

Regardless, I want you to travel this journey with me.  It will be exciting.  I promise.  The possibilities are endless.

Have a great day!



1 Response to “Why do I want to be using social media?”

  1. 1 Alice
    April 1, 2009 at 8:16 am

    This is so true…good support for using social media. My concern as a manager in fast growing organization is…time to do it well; to maintain that interaction. !!

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