Social Media Sensation: Susan Boyle

susan-boyleThis is interesting.  As I’m beginning this post, the Today Show is doing a spot on Susan.  Susan Boyle is quickly becoming a household name.  She wowed judges on Britain’s Got Talent just a few short days ago.  Now, she’s everywhere.

If you take a quick visit to Youtube, you can simply search for Susan’s name.  That will get you what you’re looking for.  As of my viewing of the video, there were well over 25 million views to the site.  Going by the date the video was posted (April 11), that’s 25 million views in a week, or about 3.5 million views a day!

Now, go to Facebook.  Search for her name.  You’ll find numerous groups, with the official fan page group having over 500,000 fans.  Not bad for someone who just wanted a chance.

I see numerous takeaways from this story, but I’ll share just a few.

1. From a business standpoint, how could social media give your business this type of buzz?  Like Susan’s voice, what outstanding attribute does your business have that could make customers fans of yours on Facebook?  What sets you apart?  That’s more than a social media question.  That’s a fundamental business question.

2. Never judge a book by it’s cover.  Enough said.

3. When you have a chance to show what you’ve got, bring it!  Shine like you never have before because this may be your one shot.  Susan did just that and it has changed her world as she has changed ours.

Thanks, Susan.  Thanks for sharing your talent, your story and for your willingness to shine when you were given your chance.


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