“That’s what it’s all about.”

This past weekend, I took my son to our local Home Depot.  The 1st Saturday of every month they have a small project for kids to work on and complete with their parents.  It usually only takes us about 30 minutes, but it is a great time for some Daddy and Me time.  His younger sister is almost old enough to come along, but not quite yet.

On the way there, the following conversation occurred:

Grant: “Daddy.”

Me: “Yeah, buddy.”

Grant: “Do I really know how to build?’

Me: “Do you mean like building blocks?”

Grant: “Yeah.”

Me: “Yeah.  That’s why we’re going to these classes.  You’re learning.”

Grant: “Yep, that’s what it’s all about.”

Profound words from my 5 year old.  I’m glad that he’s aware that learning and education are important to him.  Not just for building blocks or picnic caddies (this month’s project), but for building a life and a career as well.  There’s always new information.  Something new to learn.

What new piece of information or skill (no matter how small) will you learn today?


1 Response to ““That’s what it’s all about.””

  1. 1 Grandma S
    July 6, 2009 at 11:56 am

    Thank you for sharing. Good job!

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