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That’s gonna leave a mark…

The title line might sound familiar.  It’s a quote from the 90’s movie “Tommy Boy”.  Classic movie, I know, but hang with me.  I’m making a point.  In the movie, one of the characters has an accident that will, undoubtedly, leave a physical mark that will be a constant reminder.  Funny in the context of the movie and meant to be funny by the writers, as well.

Yesterday, my calendar was full of meetings and appointments.  A few issues to solve.  Projects to work on.  I truly enjoy what I do for a living.

One of the things on my calendar was to attend the visitation hours for a coworker, who had a family member pass suddenly.  This, in the grand scheme of things, was my most important “appointment” of the day.  Of all the things I did yesterday, this is the one action that will be remembered longest by my coworker (and me).  In visiting my coworker, I had in essence, left a mark.

So, here’s my challenging question(s) of the day: what are you doing today that will “leave a (positive) mark” on someone’s life?  What will you do today that will be truly meaningful to someone five years from today?

Few will remember that great report you wrote last week.  Even fewer will remember the presentation that earned you great praise at the office.

Spend your time wisely and invest in someone today.  Leave a (positive) mark in whatever you do.


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