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The First 50

As most of you have probably read, or better yet-seen, I set on a quest for better personal fitness in March 2011. It was spurred on by a couple of things. Nothing major really, just more of a realization that I felt like a slug most of the time. That’s probably always a good indicator that something should change. And it did.

There was a book published in December 2010, by an author whom I had read previously. I enjoyed the apporach of his first book, and knew that this one would take a similar approach. So, I decided to buy the book. $13 later from Amazon-voila! I am now the proud owner of The 4 Hour Body by Tim Ferriss.

I’ve followed the diet, as presctibed and lost 53 lbs as of this morning. I’ve also dropped 4 pant sizes and lost a total of 18% of my original body weight. I realize that I still have a way to go, but I’ve listed some of the things that I’ve learned along this journey below. I hope you enjoy.

1. What’s up with all the junk food?

The thing that has garnered the most questions are all of the pictures from my Saturday binge days. This IS part of the plan from the book. Binge days are fun and it still allows you to eat some of the stuff you think you want. (I’ll get to that in a second.) For the record, the rest of the week resembles nothing of the binge day routine.

2. Then why the pictures?

I’ll be honest–normal things bore me, at times. If this diet were another, point system, or calorie counting gig, I wouldn’t have done it. Honestly, it’s pretty simple. I, purposely, posted the pictures to have people ask the question, “how are you eating this, yet losing weight?” Getting people to ask the question was the exact intent for doing so. Plus, it’s fun to post pictures of really good food and get reactions from others. It’s part of the whole “social” part of social media. Sharing your experiences with others.

I still enjoy reading all of the comments, so please continue to comment away!

3. Binge days sound great!

They are. But usually, by the end of the day, I’m ready to go back to my “safe” world of fish, salads, veggies and other types of protein. My taste preferences have changed. The things that I used to crave (chocolate, etc.), I can now only take in moderation. I never thought I’d prefer salads to chicken nuggets, but now I do. By the way, this would be a LONG TERM BENEFIT for me.

4. Unintended benefit and opportunity

This is the coolest part of all of this for me. As I mentioned above, I posted the pictures, because I thought my Facebook and Twitter friends would want to experience/view some of the things I was eating and comment. Bottom line: it was fun.

Here’s the thing I didn’t see coming: as I began to lose more weight, I began to get messages from friends asking me what diet I was doing, because they wanted to lose various amounts of weight, as well. The success that I was experiencing prompted them to ask the question and try the diet, as well. And while I won’t name any of them, I can tell you that they’ve had success, as well. HELPING OTHERS and being able to HELP some other folks along the way has been extremely rewarding for me. I’ve enjoyed this the most.

5. I’m lucky

Of all the different things I post, my weight loss updates on Saturday morning, by far, get the most comments and “likes” of anything I post. For me, this translates into a large group of friends and family that are cheering me on along the way.

6. What gets modeled, is what gets done

Our kids are now much more aware of what they’re eating and eat healthier (sans binge days). 🙂

To all of you, thanks for your support. This has been a fun ride and will continue to be for me.

Special thanks to my wife, Hope, for putting up with my crazy 30g of protein breakfasts and for buying an endless supply of eggs and other protein and vegetable sources to get me through my weeks. Love ya!

I’ve included a few progress photos for you below. Thanks again, for all of your help, support and funny comments along the way.



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