The journey continues:Looking under the hood

Performance is important. You can have a great looking car, but if the car isn’t running properly, the value decreases significantly. If you’ve followed my journey the past few weeks while following the slow carb diet as outlined in Tim Ferriss‘s book, Four Hour Body, you know that I’ve lost 57 lbs since early March. This diet has driven me to take  more responsibility for my own health and chart the diet’s effect on me in various ways. Previously, I’ve already covered it’s effect on my blood pressure. So, I wanted to know the effects on some of the other health areas, as well, such as sugar, thyroid, cholesterol, etc. This is my own attempt at “taking a look under the hood” to see how my body is functioning.

I started off binge day this week by heading to our local hospital for some blood work. As you may recall, I visited my doctor on Monday to ask for this to be done. Why do it on binge day? A few reasons:

  1. It’s the farthest point from my last binge day
  2. I had to fast prior to having it done
Note: I went to the hospital prior to beginning my binge.
I arrived early in the morning so that I could 1. get this done and 2. get on with binge day! I’m not at the hospital very often, but let me say, we have a great local hospital that serves our community well. They do a great job.
I signed in and headed to the lab. Amazingly, they only needed two vials to collect what they needed. For some reason, I thought it would be more. Oh well. One “little pinch”, two vials later, one cotton swab and some tape, and I’m out the door. I should have the results in a few days.
If you’ve done something like this, or have any questions, please feel free to ask. What numbers would you be most interested in seeing?

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