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Christmas music favorites redux…with a twist!

Happy Tuesday! I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving and were able to set time aside to take inventory of the things that we are all truly thankful for. The turkey has been eaten, naps have been taken, and shopping madness has occurred. Now, we’re all firmly focused on Christmas! Christmas is, hands down, my favorite holiday.

Christmas memories are comprised of many things: sights, smells, traditions, etc. One of the most powerful would be sounds. More specifically, some of the music we use to help us celebrate the season. We all have a favorite song or songs that we like to hear each Christmas. I’m listening to some of mine right now. Christmas is a time that brings people together. Did you ever think you’d see the great Bing Crosby sing a duet with David Bowie? I’m guessing your answer is no.

If you were a Facebook friend or one of my Tweeps last year, I shared one of my favorite Christmas songs each day during the month of December, last year. I want to do the same thing this year, but with a twist (of course). I’ll share some of my favorites again this year, but I also want to hear from YOU and share some of YOUR favorite songs. This is a win-win. I’ll share your favorite songs and this will keep me blogging. 🙂

Here’s how we’ll do it:

  1. Think of your favorite Christmas song and name it!
  2. Fill out the form below (please fill out all lines)
  3. Most importantly, tell me WHY you like this song. Is it a memory of a loved one? Met someone special? Tell me. Remember, this is going to be seen here, so keep that in mind.

The song can be serious or funny. Religious or secular. Let’s have some fun with this.



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