My Favorite Christmas Songs…The Friends Version Vol. IV

Today’s Christmas song and memory has special meaning to me. Quite simply, it comes from my wife, Hope. We have two wonderful children, which are blessings to us in many ways. They each have their own unique personalities and outlooks on life. Today’s song comes from our son, Grant.

We recently visited the area I grew up in and I was able to snap this picture while visiting some friends. Today’s song is “Away in a Manger“.



Here’s what my wife shared about her favorite memory of this song:

“One of my most favorite family memories is the Newark Naz Christmas Eve candlelight service right after our son, Grant, turned 3 years old.  As we were all holding our candles in the dark singing carols, this carol started and I heard a loud little boy voice start to sing…  And, he knew every word!  I remember tapping you on the arm, giving each other one of those “we will never forget this moment” looks, and just watching Grant’s pure joy radiate through song.  I will never forget that day, the tenderness of the moment, and the knowledge that our little guy knew the real meaning of Christmas….a gift that is worth more than gold!  Love you!”

I remember that day like it was yesterday! It was a proud, and touching moment for us. It was, as my wife mentioned, one of those moments we will never forget.

The version I chose to share isn’t from our son. 🙂 It’s actually from one of my favorite bands, Third Day (@thirdday). Plus, you can never get enough of Mac Powell‘s vocals.

Special thanks to my wife for sharing a great song and an even better memory! I love you and the kids!



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