My Favorite Christmas Songs…The Friends Version Vol. VIII

It’s almost Friday and we’ve had some great songs shared from some great people this week. In case you missed it, check out yesterday’s post. Not your traditional Christmas song, but a clever song to add to the mix.

Today’s song was suggested by two of my friends, each suggesting a different version. Today’s song includes the lyrics “pa-rum-pum-pum-pum”. Any guesses? Yes, it’s “The Little Drummer Boy”.  The song was written in 1941 by Katherine Kennicott Davis, and was originally called “Carol of the Drum”. The picture to the right is a bit more traditional, but due to the magic of Google, I found the gem below. Sorry, had to share it. Which picture do you like better? 



Leslie Lenzo McLaughlin said that she likes the version performed by Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band the best. As she states, quite simply, ” he just nails it!” Very true. Seger’s version is a very soulful rendition of the song.

Ellie Hempleman (@elliehempleman) also picked this as one of her favorite Christmas songs. Her version comes from two former American Idol finalists, Michael Sarver and David Hernandez. Here’s the reason Ellie likes this version:

“There’s a specific rendition of the Little Drummer Boy that I love and it’s special because I saw the performance live with my mom at the Midland Theatre two Christmases ago. It’s sung by Michael Sarver and David Hernandez from American Idol. It starts out pretty slow like the traditional version, and it’s only accompanied by a piano. Then, when you least expect it, they get funky and it turns into a much more rocking version. The guys do some amazing slide vocals that give me chills, every-single-time. I think it’s on iTunes, but I always stream the YouTube video of the live performance. It’s amazing, especially if you play it at a stupidly loud volume. Your ears will thank you.”

Same song. Two distinctly different versions. Both are included below. 🙂

A special thanks goes out to both Leslie and Ellie for picking this song and sharing why “The Little Drummer Boy” is their favorite.




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