A Tasty TweetUp! 12 Flavors of Ice Cream at Velvet Ice Cream

Thursday night I was able to attend the 2nd Licking County TweetUp (#LCTweetUp) at Velvet Ice Cream in Utica, OH. You can connect with Velvet Ice Cream online via Twitter and Facebook.

It was a great night of great ice cream flavors. We taste tested 12 different flavors of ice cream! I’ve included the list to the right. Velvet actually makes 4 different flavors of vanilla ice cream. Who knew? Each creamy version was amazingly unique and different. The Vanilla Bean flavor actually has bits of ground up vanilla beans in it. Simply delicious. The 4 vanilla flavors, combined, account for about 38% of Velvet’s sales. But they’re not all about vanilla. Do you like Carrot Cake or Root Beer Floats? Yep, they’ve got those flavors, too!

As we moved through each smooth mixture, we came to Viva el Chocolate! You can never go wrong with chocolate, right? Joe Dager, the Chairman of Velvet shared that anything with chocolate sells well. No surprises there! Viva el Chocolate! delivered with slight bite of chocolate cinnamon brownie. This was followed up by Buckeye Classic-my favorite. Chocolate + peanut butter=pure happiness. Buckeye Classic is the lone best seller (apart from the 4 vanilla flavors), accounting for 20% of their sales.

We finished the night with Peppermint Stick. Based in the original vanilla flavor ice cream, they add ground up peppermint disks which naturally color the ice cream. You’ll find little chunks of peppermint throughout your bowl.

While the ice cream and the company was great, the group was fortunate enough to be joined by Velvet Ice Cream President, Luconda Dager, her father, Joe Dager, who serves as the Chairman of Velvet and Nathan Arnold, Velvet’s Marketing Coordinator. The company is a privately owned family business with a 95 year history. As we enjoyed the flavors throughout the night, Luconda talked about the company’s take on how they approach ice cream and told some great stories about their successes. We got to listen as Joe, spoke candidly and with pride about the great products his family’s company has produced over the years. As they both shared their stories and reminisced, you could tell that they took great pride in the product. This was more than just ice cream for them. This, was their life. As you can imagine, they taste test ice cream routinely. As a matter of quality control, they personally taste test each batch of ice cream that is produced everyday. You could tell that they found fulfillment, not only in the success the business has had, but also in knowing that their product brings joy to others, as well. This was a great experience, I will remember for some time.

A few of my friends that attended this event have blogged about the experience, as well. You can check out Cheri’s take on the event here. Sean Carpenter also wrote a spectacular post on his blog. Sean’s post includes some video of Joe Dager speaking about some of his experiences in the ice cream business. A must see.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank my co-hosts for the evening, Cheri, Ellie, and Brad for coordinating this great event. Thanks to all who also showed up and tweeted about the night.


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