What do you look for in a leader? (post and request for input)

Are you a leader? Bam! A quick question to get you started. Yes or no? If you are or not, I want  you to now think about this question: what do you look for from those that lead you? The more important question is what do those that YOU lead look to you for? (Gulp.) Please read on.

Over the past few months, I’ve had the opportunity to work with the Licking County Community Leadership group. This is a class that meets once per month for 9 months and is sponsored by the Licking County Chamber of Commerce (@ChamberofC). This has been a great group to meet with each month. My time with them has focused on helping them utilize their natural strengths and talents to lead others. We’re using the Strengths Based Leadership book by Tom Rath and Barry Conchie. The book is a great read and a very practical, hands on approach to leadership development.

So, back to my question. Why am I asking you what you look for in your leaders? Quite simply, I need your input. In the book, the authors have identified the 4 basic needs of followers-those things that followers look for, and demand from their leaders. Here’s the list:

1. Building Trust 

2. Showing Compassion

3. Providing Stability 

4. Creating Hope

Not a bad list. So, here’s where you come in. I know we’ve all got some real world stories of how either we, as a leader, or those that have lead us, have provided these 4 basic needs to us. I would like to humbly ask for your stories. You don’t have to name names of individuals or companies, if you don’t want to. I’ll share your stories with the class as examples. We’ll focus on one topic per day. Today’s topic is that of building trust.

Along with the aspects of building trust, the authors also included leadership traits, such as, honesty, integrity, and respect in with this grouping. Can you provide me of an example of a leader building trust with you? How did they do it? Or, better yet, as a leader, how do you build trust with those that report to you? Please fill out the area below to answer the question. Submitting the form will send it directly to my email inbox. Thanks in advance for helping me crowdsource my upcoming presentation. The Licking County Community Leadership class thanks you.

If you want to think ahead to one of the other areas, here’s the schedule:

1. Building Trust (Monday, January 2)

2. Showing Compassion (Tuesday, January 3)

3. Providing Stability  (Wednesday, January 4)

4. Creating Hope (Thursday, January 5)

I’ll be back tomorrow to ask  you about how leaders show compassion with those that they lead.


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