What do you look for in a leader? Providing Stability

Times are tough. Things are uncertain. There are many variables outside you or your organization’s control to know the final answer. One of the four basic needs of followers is for their leaders to provide them with stability for the moment. Being tossed around with the winds and waves of the business climate is difficult and can wear on a team quickly. Good leaders, nix that, great leaders are able to provide their people with some stability in these times.

Workers surveyed by the Gallup Organization, also listed the qualities of security, strength, support and peace as similar traits to that of stability. A stable leader can act as a buffer to their people from unnecessary change and ensure that they know what is expected.

Can you provide an example of a leader that has provided stability to you? Have you provided stability to others? Please share your stories in the form below.

Finally, if you have examples of leaders building trust or showing compassion,  you can share your thoughts here and here.


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