An Egg-cellent experiment

Ok. So I need to brag on my son for just a few minutes. Later this morning, he will be participating in his first ever science fair! He is so excited and nervous–all at the same time!

The opportunity came to us in an email from a group that my wife is a part of. There are different age groups and levels. Grant will be in the “Early Explorers” group, so we shouldn’t have any monumental volcanic eruptions in this group, or any kids covering quantum physics. (Whew!)

We decided to give our son this experience for a few reasons:

1. He loves science.

2. It gives him an opportunity to talk to other (safe) adults besides his parents and friends’ parents.

3. Develop his presentation skills. Face it–life is just a series of presentations. Think about it. It’s true.

4. A confidence booster for him!

5. Time with Daddy ( and Reagan)

Unsuspecting eggs!

The final project that we decided on was testing if eggs could survive a fall from a second story window, wrapped in a box with different kinds of packing materials. I’ll say, throwing eggs out of your window on to the cold, wet cement below is a great way to spend a Friday afternoon. All, of course, done in the name of serious scientific exploration!


To ensure that each of our outcomes were valid (and in the name of all things fair in having a sibling), we tested each packing material twice. Grant would drop the first egg, and his younger sister, Reagan would drop the second egg. Please note: Reagan PASSED UP an opportunity to play the Disney Princess Wii game by herself to participate in this fun! She loves her brother, plus who wouldn’t want to throw eggs out the window? I mean, c’mon, you’d do it if you had the chance. Don’t lie!

The first packing material to take the test: bubble wrap. Special thanks to Mama and Papa for having some on hand. Why, I don’t know, but they did. Two eggs down. Two eggs completely whole! No cracks, no breaks!

The second material: packing paper. Please note: this packing paper is the SAME packing paper that Scentsy uses to ship my wife’s Scentsy orders in. They use it LIBERALLY in their packaging. It protects hand crafted, ceramic warmers. Good news is that it also protects unsuspecting little eggs! No breaks or cracks.

Moving along-next up paper towels. Bounty Basic to be exact! No cracks or breaks, either.

I must admit, by this point, I was kind of hoping for a something. A break. A crack. Something. I mean we’re throwing these things out of a second story window on to our driveway!

Is this the look of fun?

We ended the test by trying packing peanuts (special thanks for the hookup from our friend, Laurie) and plastic shopping bags. Guess what-nothing. No cracks or broken eggs.

So, our final experiment was to throw the eggs out the window, in the box, with no packing materials. That cracking sound you’ll here in the box is the sweet sounds of success!

SPLAT! Success!

Grant worked on the display board for his project tonight after dinner. We also ran through his presentation 5 times (at his request) with my wife, daughter, and me playing the judges.

This is a proud daddy moment for me. I was able to give him a quick pep talk in preparation for tomorrow’s event and I got to tell him about some of my experiences speaking to people throughout my life. It was a bonding experience for us.

Good luck to you today, Grant! Your dad is super proud of you! Love ya, buddy!

Bombs away!!!


4 Responses to “An Egg-cellent experiment”

  1. January 28, 2012 at 8:34 am

    Great story! Good luck Grant!

  2. January 28, 2012 at 11:30 am

    Your commentary brought tears to my eyes, Mark. I know those proud moments only too well. Good job, Grant!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 3 Joseph Labutis
    January 28, 2012 at 5:07 pm

    What an awesome experience for a 7 year old. A science fair project….never did one but had a great science teacher when I was in public grade school many years ago. Grant, you are a special young man in many lives, especially mine. Thanks for a good morning Grant. You are so special. Love ya, Pa Paw.

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