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Where my tweeps at?

Hopefully, you’re at Josie’s Self-Serve Yogurt on March 8th! We’ll be there from 5:30-7:30. Hope to see you there!


Results is the name of the game

Here is today’s issue of Jim Rohn. Today, Mr. Rohn talks about results.

In this video, he’ll use this quote, “In life, all we’re asked to do is make measurable progress in reasonable time.” Great way to look at life.


More Rohn for a Tuesday: I want more money

Quick survey: who would like to make more money? Good. Just about everyone.

How can you make more money? Jim Rohn shares how to do it in today’s video. The secret is shared toward the end of the clip.

Please take note: the clothing styles in the video are dated. The information Mr. Rohn shares is timeless.


Monday Motivation: Challenges to Pursue

If you’ve never heard of Jim Rohn, let me introduce you! Rohn was one of the foremost business philosophers of our time. His teachings and recordings have helped millions become better at what they do. Each day this week, I will be sharing some of Rohn’s wisdom, either through video or quotes.

This video talks about worthwhile challenges to pursue. The list is long, but worthy of the pursuit.


Thought for the day: Definition of “I can’t”

“I don’t use the words “I can’t.” It means, “I’m lazy.”

–Robert Kiyosaki

Author, Rich Dad, Poor Dad



Monday Motivation: Dr. Ben Carson

Cuba Gooding, Jr. (l) played Dr. Ben Carson (r) in "Gifted Hands"

Last night, my wife and I watched “Gifted Hands”. The movie is about the life story of world renowned, Dr. Ben Carson. He is the Chief of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD. I got to hear Dr. Carson speak a few years ago during a leadership simulcast. I’ve been intrigued with him ever since. His story is truly inspiring. He was receiving poor grades in elementary school, and classmates made fun of him continuously for it.

His story all changed for him after his mother discovered that he was having problems with his eyesight. He simply needed glasses. His mother bought his glasses with her savings and it turned him around. His mother was also a continual believer in young “Benny”.

I really can’t do his story justice, so let’s listen to Dr. Carson give you the abbreviated version:

Powerful stuff! To end this post, I’ll let Dr. Carson offer some words of encouragement and motivation to you:

Make it a great Monday!


Proud Parent Moment: Kids vs. Asparagus

I think I may have mentioned my affinity for the show Man v. Food previously on this blog. The show is about Adam Richman, a man who travels the country in search of the world’s greatest food challenges. We’ve watched Adam devour humongous burgers, eat amazingly hot food (the kind that brings tears to your eyes BEFORE you eat it), and take on some other serious food challenges. I’m impressed with his skills.

So, you’re probably wondering, “how is this going to turn out as a good parenting moment”. Oh, how you doubt my skills. 🙂

As part of our dinner this evening, my wife made asparagus. By a show of hands, how many of you LIKE asparagus (sans tons of ooey gooey cheese sauce). Ah, I see that hand in the back corner! Good for you. 🙂

My wife and I began to eat and the kids weren’t really buying the asparagus. Our son started to eat his stalk and wasn’t thrilled. Same with our daughter. I knew we had to do something. My wife had worked hard to saute the asparagus just right. The mixture of garlic, Parmesan cheese and olive oil was perfect. What to do???

If I know one thing about our kids, they’re always motivated by a challenge, especially our oldest. So, I grabbed the bowl of asparagus, grabbed a stalk and challenged our son. The first one to eat the entire stalk would win the challenge. Ironically, the asparagus that wasn’t so good a few minutes ago, was magically gone in a flash. Round one: Grant!

His younger sister, not to be outdone, had to challenge daddy next! Round two: Reagan!

Next up, Mommy! Round three goes to Mommy!

Grant wanted a second shot at dad (and he won): Round four: Grant

I even did a few of the rounds “double barrel” eating two stalks at a time.

Now, did the taste of the asparagus change? Nope. But, the fact that we made it into a game and it was A) competitive and B) they were winning, made all the difference.

After a few challenges, the entire pound of asparagus my wife cooked was gone. Honestly, if I was a 7 or 5 year old and my parents told me I had to eat asparagus, I’d have gone to bed hungry. The kids had fun eating their veggies for the night. They won the challenges, but we all won because of the healthy benefits of the asparagus.

What are some tricks or challenges that you’ve issued your kids? What were some games or challenges that you’re parents did with you that made something seem like fun. Leave a comment below.

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