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Monday Motivation: Short and sweet

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday! The weather is beautiful where I’m at.

Here’s your dose of Monday motivation for this week. It’s short and sweet.

Do something for someone else that will outlive you.

Spend time with a friend. Create a memory.

Give something that will make a lasting impact.

**Usually, the “things” that make a lasting impact are not tangible.**

Make it a great week!


Monday motivation: Do it to it. Or is it Duit Tuit?

I remember as a young child someone gave me a small round, plastic object. On one side, it had the letters TUIT printed on it. On the reverse side was a message much like the one in the picture. I was the fortunate recipient of a round tuit! (cheesy, I know) Since someone was so thoughtful as to bestow this round tuit to me, I could now complete the tasks that I always said I would do “when I got a round tuit (to it)”. How lucky am I?

Obviously, this was a play on words. The circular object was no more magical than anything else, but it was more of a made up license to start the things you always said you would, but for some reason, didn’t. You now had no excuses because you had received the round tuit.

Here’s my Monday challenge to you: what is that thing you’ve been putting off? You know what it is. Just in case you’re having a case of the Mondays, let me throw a few reminders out there:

  • you’ll start to work out
  • you’ll make that phone call
  • write that letter
  • reach out to that person
  • start to save money
  • plan for retirement
  • spend more time with your kids
  • become more positive
  • work on that presentation
  • reconnect with a family member you haven’t seen in years
  • call your high school buddy
The list goes on and on, but only you know what you’ve been waiting to do until you get a round tuit.

So, on this Monday morning, I’m passing along this round tuit to you virtually. Now you have no more excuses. You don’t have to figure it all out today, but you need to set the wheels of action into place to make that thing happen. In other words: do it to it!

Enjoy your week!


Monday Motivation: What do you want to do before you die?

A few weeks ago, Tim Ferriss┬áhad a guest post on his blog from one of the Buried Life guys. The post focused on the 6 steps to cross anything off your bucket list. If you haven’t read it yet, please do so immediately.

Here’s what I like about these guys story: they compiled a list of 100 things they wanted to do before they died and their pursuing those things.

Here’s what I LOVE about these guys story: they promised that for everything they crossed off their list, they would help someone else cross something off their bucket list.

So this week’s challenge is a two fold:

1. What’s the thing you’ve really wanted to do, but haven’t yet? Where have you wanted to visit, but haven’t? I know I’ve got my list.

2. What can you do to help someone else cross something off their list? What can you do, or give, to help someone else along your journey?

Here’s some more information on the Buried Life guys. They’ve also recently written a book that you can find here. It’s now a New York Times bestseller. Guess they can cross that off their list, too.

What can you do for someone else? Make it a great Monday!


Legos + marriage proposal = this

Happy Friday! I had to share this.

If the love of your life loves Legos, or just appreciate creativity, try this.

Thanks to Guy Kawasaki for sharing!

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