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A look at my day (Jersey style)

So, I’m on the road again. Kinda sounds like a song, doesn’t it? But, I’m not making music with my friends. I’m here for training. Anyway, moving on.

Here’s a brief look at some of the things I saw today.

In case you’re wondering, I’m in New Brunswick, NJ. Anyone want to take a guess which university is here? Anyone? Anyone?

After having the EXACT same make and model of car for 2 straight weeks, I’ve determined that the Toyota Yaris should be the Official Rental Car of my travel life.

I got to the office, and had to take a picture of the elevators. Why? I just liked the old school floor indicators above each car. That’s all.

So, the local Director scheduled a morale building event, a baseball game. This local team has been rocking recently and the team decided to spend some rewards from corporate on a local baseball game. So, off to the Patriots game we go!

Not bad seats, huh? Needless to say, with an 11:05am start time, there were quite a few seats available. And it was HOT!

Here’s some of the people I’m spending my time with while I’m here.


Kind of a neat front decoration for a bar at a ballpark, wouldn’t you say?

And, of course I had to stop by here to pick up a few things for the kiddos. Love the logo.

Tune back in tomorrow. Hopefully, I’ll have some more pictures to share.












A look at my day Part 2

Today was Day #2 in Durham. This is the one full day I had in the city. After a day of good meetings, we had a fun, secret group activity planned. Funny thing, the way my day started was connected to how it ended.

My day started off, like most others, eating breakfast. I had my meal here at the hotel, and noticed a guy who looked like this guy:

That would be Baseball Hall of Fame member, Ryne Sandberg. You remember him, right? He played second base for the Chicago Cubs. He’s now the Manager for the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs, a minor league affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies. I had looked into if the Durham Bulls were in town during this trip, and saw the Iron Pigs were in town.

Anyway, I wrapped up breakfast, grabbed a pen and hotel pad of paper from the front desk and approached the guy. Was it him? Here’s your answer:

Ryne Sandberg autograph! Sweet!

Yep! It was him. I’m glad he was willing to sign, and this will actually go to my son. I’ll hang on to it for a while to keep it in good shape, but it’s his. I won’t lie. That was pretty cool. Meet a Baseball Hall of Famer on a business trip. Not bad.

Fast forward to the evening, after our meetings, we headed to the ball park to watch the Durham Bulls take on the Iron Pigs.

My ticket in!

By the way, Durham Bulls Athletic Park is a great looking stadium. The stadium was designed by the same people that created Camden Yards in Baltimore and Jacobs Field in Cleveland, and Coors Field in Colorado.

Just in case you’re wondering, no, Hideki Matsui didn’t play tonight. He was here during the first half of the year.

Hey-look who’s hanging out on the Home Run Patio.

Here’s the view from the Home Run Patio deck. Not bad seats. Did I mention there was buffet provided?

If you’ve been to this ballpark, you’re probably looking for the obligatory picture of the left field wall. Here you go.

If you look in Center Field, you’ll see this sign.

Another great shot of the DBAP

They even have a kids play area in right field behind the Home Run Patio. Neat area for the kiddos.

This is a great park. If you’re in Durham and the Bulls are in town, stop by and catch a game.

Tomorrow, I head home. I’ve enjoyed Durham, but I’m looking forward to seeing my family again.

Check back tomorrow as I might have a few more pics to post.

If you want to see my what I did yesterday, click here.











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